Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility construction Services

We aim to fabricate and provide emergency temporary dormitory services for natural disasters/hospital/isolation
facility. As solution provider, we intend to support the government or the crisis management authorities as
temporary dormitory provider. Regarding the situation for COVID-19 currently, we would like to propose an idea/
concept design for the temporary dormitory for foreign workers. The design idea is to provide workers with privacy
meanwhile isolation between the uninfected to minimize the spread of the virus.

The temporary dormitory design has met the following requirements.

1. Easy to produce with low cost
2. Easy to assemble
3. Easy to transport
4. Easy to package
5. Presentable and privacy
6. Modular stackable design
7. Can be CNC printed for work acceleration and production collaboration.

Negative air pressure to ensure clean and fresh air for the temporary dormitory


UV air purification process to sanitize airflow in and out of the temporary dormitory

Ready to assemble stool and metal-hinge-free lockers has made it cost less and easy to assemble for temporary

Why choose us?

With decades of experience in construction/renovation, we have a work force of over 80 skilled workers in the
customized carpentry works, varnishing works, ceiling works, partition works, metal works, flooring, LEDs, acrylic
related works. Along with the competency in the related knowledge, skill and experience, today we pride ourselves
as a highly capable architectural and interior fit-out specialist serving a board portfolio of clients.
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility2
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility1
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility3
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility4
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility5
Temporary Dormitory Isolation room facility6